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  Program Schedule

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3-Sep-19 4-Sep-19
Time Day 1 of Kre8tif! 2019 Day 2 of Kre8tif! 2019
Hibiscus Jasmine Hibiscus Jasmine
10.00am UNITY for Realtime Film Production





Learn How You Can Create a 3D Art using Blender 2.8




Digital Sculpting in Zbrush





The Future of Animation with Toon Boom Creative Pipeline : Storyboard Pro & Harmony



11.00am Coffee Break Coffee Break
11.30am UNITY for Realtime Film Production





Learn How You Can Create a 3D Art using Blender 2.8




Digital Sculpting in Zbrush





The Future of Animation with Toon Boom Creative Pipeline : Storyboard Pro & Harmony



12.30pm Lunch + Screening Lunch  (Screening + Xhibition + Entertainment Xperience)
2.30pm Arnold for Autodesk Maya Workshop





Acting for Animators – Developing Creative Acting Choices




Digital Sculpting in Zbrush





The Future of Animation with Toon Boom Creative Pipeline : Storyboard Pro & Harmony



3.45pm Coffee Break Coffee Break
4.00pm Arnold for Autodesk Maya Workshop





Acting for Animators – Developing Creative Acting Choices




Digital Sculpting in Zbrush





The Future of Animation with Toon Boom Creative Pipeline : Storyboard Pro & Harmony



5.00pm End of Day 1 End of Day 2
3-Sep-19 4-Sep-19
Time Day 1 of Kre8tif! 2019 Day 2 of Kre8tif! 2019
Cindai 1,2,3 Songket
9.30am B2B Pitching
11.00am Coffee Break Coffee Break
11.30am B2B Pitching
12.30pm Lunch + Screening Lunch (Screening + Xhibition + Entertainment Xperience )
2.30pm B2B Pitching
3.30pm Coffee Break Coffee Break
4.00pm B2B Pitching
5.00pm End of Day 1 End of Day 2
5-Sep-19 6-Sep-19
Time Day 3 of Kre8tif! 2019 Day 4 of Kre8tif! 2019
Track 1 – Songket Room Track 2 – Cita Ballroom Track 3 – Sutera Room Track 1 – Songket Room Track 2 – Cita Ballroom Track 3 – Sutera Room
8.30am Registration
9.30am Kre8tif! Opening Remarks Launching Ceremony @ Cita  Ballroom Registration

Keynote 1 @ Cita Ballroom: A Modern Update that Ups the Ante on Special Effects

As the lead VFX house DNEG’s academy award winning work on First Man was centered around trying to achieve some of the most realistic and immersive in-camera VFX shots ever seen. The team used a blend of cutting-edge in-camera VFX techniques, special effects, scale models, and never-before-seen footage from NASA’s archive to tell the story of Neil Armstrong’s journey to the moon and back. Prasad will share insights on how the First Man VFX crew were able to realise this by using one of the biggest LED screens ever built on a movie set.

by A.R. Seshaprasad, Head of Production (India),

T7: Case Studies: Getting Furs & Feathers To Behave – The Secret Life of Pets 1 & 2


Have you ever wondered how Max, Duke or Snowball was created? Which ingredients were necessary to build such charismatic
characters? You will learn the process of creating animal characters starts in animation and also through stories, techniques, and anecdotes all little details of the process until you finally get the big picture.


by Albert Barba, Lead Animator,
Ilion Animation Studios

B6: Kre8tif! Chat: Fund and Fuel Your Dreams


Need funds to kickstart your creative ideas? Well, this session exposes you to the different types of funding, it’s opportunities and ways how you could take advantage
of it to fuel your dreams.


Razif Abdul Aziz, Acting Group Chief Executive Officer, Cradle Fund 


Sam Shafie, Chief Executive Officer,
Pitch Platform (pitchIN)

10.45am Coffee Break Coffee Break
11.00am T1: Take a Pitch From Good to Great


So, you have a show, and want it to be fun? We’ve got ninety-nine problems but a pitch, ain’t one. In this session, we explore the different approaches and give tips for each
stage of pitching. Then how to smack your pitch up, by applying the methods Sprinkles on Top utilizes to analyze and redevelop content.


by Antony Gusscott, Director of Creative Services,
Sprinkles on Top

B1: Building and Developing the Right Content for the Market


Good quality content will always find a home. While this may sound like a simple statement, in today’s media world, it’s never been more complex. If you
have an existing property, or even just an idea for one, you need to understand how to build and develop it; partner with the right people; pitch it and sell it. Getting your content to reach an audience, is a carefully planned roadmap
that needs to consider – what do you want to do, and how are you going to do it. This session will explore where is the right home for your content, how to navigate a changing market, and why opportunities can lead to the next best


by Dean Sutherland, Commercial Business Director,
SLR Productions

OT1: Who am I, is What I’ll Seek


In a crowded media environment, helping kids find your content depends on much more than choosing a target age and platform. Dubit will discuss how to understand the profile of your
brand’s or content’s audience, and how that influences why, where, when and how they’ll be more available for what you offer.


by David Kleeman, Senior Vice President,
Global Trends

T8: Look East Policy – How to do deals and expand brands in China


So you’re interested to sell in China? Great! There are plenty of opportunities to expand into the Chinese market. Get an inside scoop from Sina
Weibo, with over 445 million monthly active users… you can’t go wrong.


by Jennie So, General Manager, International Business,
Sina Corp & Weibo Corp

B7: Empathy via VFX


Empathy is the art of seeing the world as someone else sees it. Essentially, it’s putting yourself in someone else’s shoes and feeling what they feel. Generally people are attuned to their own
feelings and emotions but getting into someone else’s head can be difficult. Learn how VFX has changed that on the silver screen.


by Aaron Cowan, Executive Producer,

OT8: The Unstoppable Rise of the Digital Content Creator


The evolution of video has given birth to a new kind of creative — a New Media Creator — but why are traditional industries, and creative professionals struggling
to understand this new age? And what does it mean for us all going forward?


by Nina Sharil Khan, Chief Executive Officer & Founder,

11.45am T2: Kre8tif! Café: Over The Top (OTT): a Delivery Platform to Stay?


More and more content providers are choosing OTT as their preferred choice of delivering content. Let us understand, what type of content OTT providers
are looking for, what works and how is it different from traditional broadcasting.


A.Asohan, Senior Editor,
The Star Online (Moderator)


Lam Swee Kim, Chief Marketing Officer,
SMG Entertainment 

Juliana Low, Head of Content & Programming, Viu


Bryan Seah, Head of Originals, HOOQ

Fred Chong, Founder & Group CEO,

B2: Time to Recharge: Powering Up the Pillars of International Co-Pros


Coproduction is the present and the future of our actual economic model for a production of any show. Sharing costs and obtaining collaboration
from another country has become the objective of more producers this days. Come and learn everything you always wanted to know about developing your property for the international market.


by Raquel Benitez Rojas, Chief Executive Officer,
Comet Entertainment Inc.

OT2: Why Merchandising Could Be A Game-Changer?


With the rise of e-commerce, brick-and-mortar stores can no longer be just about transactional retail space. Successful retailing comes down to obsessing about CX.
Retail stores can be reimagined, to provide a personal or luxury experience to customers through an immersive sensory engagement and compelling merchandising story.


by Yong Yoon Li, Executive Director,
Royal Selangor

T9: You are Your Own Master


As a Pakistan’s first hand-drawn animation studio, TED Senior Fellow Usman Riaz is combining his love for Japanese animation and honoring the craft of hand-drawn animation made famous
by Walt Disney Animation. Bringing animation to a country with no background in the hand-drawn animation was a struggle which presented many problems and difficulties. However, through passion and perseverance, he hopes to be able
to lay the foundation for an animation industry in Pakistan.


by Usman Riaz, Founder & Director,
Mano Animation Studios

B8: Media convergence, the production of Animation vs Game Development


Both rely on the use of animation heavily, but do you have enough knowledge to take advantage of both industries. Attend this session to learn the difference between animation and game industry operations and current practice of studios and prepare yourself for the inevitable, media convergence.


Siow Aik Wee, Manager
MDEC (Moderator)


Wan Hazmer, Co-founder, CEO & Game Director


Ken Foong, Chief Creative Officer,
Lemon Sky Studios


Andrew Ooi, Managing Director,

OT9:Transforming Distribution & Acquisition in the Film and TV Content Ecosystem


Are you looking to expose and sell your content?  Or are you someone who’s looking to buy content instead?

This session will be perfect for you, yes both seller and buyer. Come listen to Ian as he explains how this platform can do just that and in record time too.


by Ian McKee,Chief Executive Officer, Vuulr

12.30pm Lunch (Screening + Xhibition + Entertainment Xperience) Lunch (Screening + Xhibition + Entertainment Xperience)
2.30pm T3: Sound Advice – Music & Sound Design Spotting – A Process to Strengthen Your Story Telling


Finding ways to strengthen the art of storytelling has always been a top priority for a composer, as well as a sound
designer. It is best to have a breathtaking song for a music video, but very unlikely for a film. The composer/sound designer’s task is to underscore it and not to overshadow the film. Regardless of the genre of a motion picture, a
spotting session is an essential process of finding the best treatment to strengthen storytelling.


Ken Hor, Founder & Composer,
Inner Voices Productions


Adrian Yew Erman, Senior Audio Engineer, Supernova Media

B3: Animate Your Life!


Cartoon Network has been on the forefront of creating original animation for the Asia Pacific region over the last decade. From shows like Student Exchange Zero to Roll No. 21 to most recently,
the award winning Lamput, the team is always on the look out for exciting creators and extraordinary concepts. Join the duo from Cartoon Network – Leslie Lee, VP for Kids Content and Silas Hickey, Senior Director for Original Productions
– for a session where they bring you some insights to the company’s animation strategies, development pipeline and insider tips on how to pitch your animated shows! And who knows? You could walk away with some cool Cartoon Network
prizes and a chance to showcase your work on the #1 animation channel in the region!


Leslie Lee, Vice President – Kids Content,
Turner International Asia Pacific


Silas Hickey, Senior Director, Original Production & Development,
Turner International Asia Pacific

OT3: Empower Yourself – Learn To Bend Your Reality


Do you like the idea of effortlessly making things happen and bending reality in your favour? Would you like to feel more empowered and in control of your life’s
decisions? Whether it’s in business, relationships or at home, it’s possible! You can learn to consciously increase your happiness, boost your productivity, and level up your resilience and motivation with a few simple, yet powerful
tools rooted in neuroscience and modern psychology. Sounds too good to be true? Join this session and find out for yourself!


by Natalia Sloma, Head of Seminars,

T10: Film in Malaysia Incentive (FIMI)


Planning to shoot your next production here in Malaysia? Doesn’t matter if you’re a Malaysian or International production studio, come find out what’s available and if you’re
eligible to take advantage of this incentive


by Affendy Ali Dally. Deputy Chairman,
National Film Development Corporation Malaysia (FINAS)

B9: SEA Focus Track – Creative Industry from Philippines Perspective and What Type of Foreign Contents attract Philippine Broadcasters?


With the proliferation of online streaming services and the global need for
content, the Philippines is opening its doors for synergy within Asia and other parts of the world. Here’s a glimpse of where the Philippines is headed to and what types of collaboration the studios are in search for with our neighboring
countries to make our creative industry more global and accessible to all markets


by Wilfredo C. Manalang, Director of International Co-Production,

OT10: Bringing Crazy Alien to Life : A peek into LookDev and CFX/Tech Anim



by Tamimi Tamby, Tech Animator, Tau Films


Uday Vel, Asset Supervisor,
Tau Films

3.00pm T4: Kre8tif! Café: The Challenges of Running a Modern VFX Studio


VFX requires more computer processing power than the mission to the moon. But while they seamlessly blend into our storytelling, creating convincing
special effects is still no easy feat. Come listen to our experts and find out how it’s done.


Mandeep Singh, Head of Production,
Tau Films (Moderator cum Panelist)

Aaron Cowan, Executive Producer,

Moon K Chan, Executive Producer,

OT4: Kre8tif! Café: Turn Your Work into Art in Realtime


Deadlines knocking on your doors and there are limits to your current rendering pipeline? What do you do? Invent a time machine? Well, there are easier ways.
Come learn about real-time rendering, the good, the bad and the ugly, touching on cost effectiveness, productivity and quality. This session will help you make an informative decision before you choose TO or NOT to go down this path.

Andrea Goh, Technical Supervisor,
SOBA Productions(Moderator cum Panelist)

Kelly Ling, Head of Production,
Giggle Garage

Lukman Nul Hakim, Chief Executive Officer,
Blindspot Studios

T11: Empowering Women in the Digital Content Industry


Why are there so few women in the digital content industry? This all women panel will share their insights, their dedication and struggles to level the playing
field in this male dominated industry. Come listen to their stories and the adversities they faced and how they have overcome them.


Juhaidah Joemin, Managing Director,
Giggle Garage (Moderator)

Ilaharyani Maarof, Managing Director,
TudiduT Studio

Maryawati Ramli, Managing Director,
Eighty Four Animation Studio

Karimah Fatimah, Managing Director,
Animatic Studios

B10: Sonder Wonder


Sonder is a multi-award winning short film about love, loss and recovery. Join the Technical Supervisor of this short film Sonder as she walks through the experience of working with 144 artists
across 9 timezones to complete this WONDERful film.


by Andrea Goh, Technical Supervisor,
SOBA Productions

OT11: Content for Change: How to Inspire Real- Impact through Creativity


In the age of social justice, young audiences will increasingly search for content that creates a positive impact, IRL. This session will
share how this two-time Peabody Award-nominated team have used digital content and investigative journalism to solve real-world issues relating to drug trafficking, refugee rights, human trafficking, child sexual crimes, and more.


by Ian Yee, Editor and Executive Producer,

3.45pm Coffee Break Coffee Break
4.00pm T5: The Power of 5 – Important Lessons and Improvements


Reduce your overall production timeline from 30 months to 12 months, what’s the secret? This session talks about the 5 lessons Animonsta Studios learned from
their 1st Movie, which include film making procedures, how to polish the production pipeline, and coming up with unique and creative marketing strategies for their 2nd Movie. This session also talks about what’s next for their studio


by Nizam Razak, Chief Executive Officer,
Animonsta Studios

B4: What Number 2 means…


A continuous journey requires more than just talent and consistency –– it requires a limitless will to reach the endless


by Goh Aun Hoe, Chief Executive Officer,

OT5: Cyberjaya: A Creative Playground


Since its inception more than 21 year ago, Cyberjaya has been attracting innovative and creative minds. As a Global Technology Hub, it offers a sound ecosystem that creates
a playground offering a conducive environment to stimulate innovative thinking. Learn how this smart city is also a melting pot of possibilities and the perfect landscape to create, experiment and push the boundaries of creativity.
Cyberjaya, the Capital of Creation!


by Auni Alias, Head of Investor Relations Strategy,

T12: Pipeline, Why do I care?


Understand and invest in pipeline bring benefit in the long term.


by Jani Kuronen (Kurre), Chief of Technology,
Anima Vitae Point

B11: How Serious is Thailand About Animation


This Session will touch on what Thailand has done for their animation industry, what IP’s works for Thailand, how to penetrate (for regional animation studios)the market
and funding assistance (if any by the Thai Government)


by Nop Dharmavanich, President,
Thai Animation And Computer Graphics Association (TACGA)

4.30pm T6: Building Better Worlds: Creating Epic Looks for Game Cinematic Characters


A behind the scenes look at the process of creating our cinematic shorts and how some of our iconic characters are textured and surfaced
for cinematic


by Alan Chan, Senior Look Development Artist,
Blizzard Entertainment

B5: Wildbrain’s Secret Spice: How Kids’ Animation is Driven by Data


YouTube has emerged as THE go-to entertainment destination for kids with 49% of eight to 15-year olds preferring to watch YouTube now than TV.
Animated content continues to dominate kids viewing patterns on YouTube, and Wildbrain, a studio that produces almost 250 minutes of content a month, will be sharing their secret spice on how they use data and insights to inform content
creation, delving into specific trends on YouTube and unveiling WildBrain’s digital-first approach


by Jo Parkinson, Director of Studio,

OT6: Insights of an Animation & Game Production


Both rely on the use of animation heavily. Is it really different? Will a game company hire someone with an Animation degree, or will an animation studio hire
someone with a Game Design degree? This session will look at the differences of working on games vs animation projects and the challenges of producing a TV series as compared to producing a game.


by Hon Gene, Head of Production,
Lemon Sky Studios

T12: Kre8tif! Chat with YB Tuan Gobind Singh Deo, Minister of Communications and Multimedia


YB Tuan Gobind Singh Deo, Minister of Communications and Multimedia


YBhg Datuk Ahmad Izham Omar, Chief Executive Officer,
Primeworks Studios

5.00pm Keynote 2 @ Cita Ballroom:
Revolutionizing Animation Production
Sharing about the history and trends of using game engines in production, how real-time rendering technologies are reshaping the animation pipeline, and it’s impact on both the virtual world and
the physical worldby Spock Yao, Chief Executive Officer,
5.30pm End of Day 3
6.30pm Kre8tif! Networking Party
Announcement of:
1. SEA Kre8tif! Award
2. Digital Content Creators Challenge (DICE)
3. DigiCon6 Asia
10.30pm End of Day 4