SEA Kre8tif! Award

Southeast Asia 

 (SEA) Kre8tif! Award

The Southeast Asia (SEA) Kre8tif! Award is organised by the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) throughout the Southeast Asia countries and territories including Malaysia, for the purpose of seeking and recognising talented animation creators and awarding them for their outstanding works.


SEA Kre8tif! Award objectives are:


Develop the animation industry and promote its brand in the global animation scene


Encourage potential talents to hone their skills through competition


Provide a venue for exchange among animators, producers, industry supporters, investors, stakeholders and other possible business networking, and matching opportunities.

Participating Countries

The participating countries is target at Southeast Asia’s countries as follows:

Submit Application

Any interested individuals/companies, please submit your application here:
** Closing Submission Date: 30 June 2019

Rules & Regulations

Please read and understand the Award’s Rules and Regulations before submitting the entry work. Only those who are agreeable to the Rules and Regulations will be eligible to enter the Award